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Coastal CURA Photos


Final CURA Council Face-to-Face Meeting

October 1-3, 2011, Saint Andrews, NB




(1) Randy Angus & Donna Curtis participate in the CURA Timeline Development Exercise (2) Sheen Young gives a tour of her fathers Lobster Pound on Deer Island, NB (3) Lobster traps on Deer Island (4) CURA Council Members at the end of the final meeting.

CURA Conversations

June 25, 2011, Halifax, NS

cc1cc2cc3          (1)Melanie Wiber (UNB), Sheena Young (FNFA), and Hubert Saulnier (FFGC); (2) Sarah Weston (CURA H20), (3) Tony Charles (SMU)

Ocean's Day

June 2011

oceans day

Digby Trip

Spring 2011



Bi-Annual Coastal CURA Council Meeting

November 2010, Meteghan River, NS



  1. Donna Curtis (UNB), Kate Bigney-Wilner (Dalhousie), Carolea White (FFGC), and Randy Angus (MCPEI)
  2. Sheena Young (FNFA), Hubert Saulnier (FFGC), and Courtenay Parlee (UNB)
  3. BMC Lobster Pound, Meteghan River
  4. Lobster Pound - these crate are stacked six creates deep!

Coastal CURA meeting with Save our Bays

November 2010


  1. We met to discuss Cooke Aquaculture's intentions to place an aquaculture site in Saint Mary's Bay, Brier Island, NS
  2. Hubert Saulnier( FFGC) and Tony Charles (SMU) with Sheldon Dixon (Save our Bays)
  3. Melanie Wiber (UNB),Sheena Young (FNFA) and Sandra Hanson ( Save our Bays)


Brazilians Visit (Sponsored by the World Fish Trust)

July 2010


  1. Learning about traditional soft shell clam harvesting
  2. Feasting on freshly dug soft shell clams
  3. A visit to the depuration plant


Coastal Zone Canada

July 2010


  1. The Coastal CURA Booth at CZC
  2. Sarah Bood (Coastal Livelihoods Trust) and Velta Douglas (UNB) gearing up for a plenary session


Oceans Day

June 2010

oceans day 1oceans day 3

  1. Courtenay Parlee (UNB) with the CC booth
  2. Courtenay asking kids about how they would sustainably conserve 'all the fish in the sea'


Nova Scotia Student Tour

May 2010



  1. Our lobster supper at Hubert's house (Thanks Judy!)
  2. Melina Puley, our newest CC student, at the Digby Wharf
  3. Tony Charles (SMU) and Coastal CURA students exploring the wharf
  4. The Meteghan Wharf at night

Film: A Coastal Partnership

Maritime Stories of
Integrated Management

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People in Places
Engaging Together in Integrated
Resource Management

An International Conference in
Halifax, NS, Canada
June 27-29, 2011

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