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Wiber, M., Young, S. & L. Wilson. 2012. Impact of Aquaculture on Commercial Fisheries: Fishermen’s Local Ecological Knowledge. Human Ecology, DOI: 10.1007/s10745-011-9450-7. Availabe Online:

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Graham, J., Charles, A. & A. Bull. 2006. Community Fisheries Management Handbook. (1431 KB) Halifax, NS: Gorsebrook Research Institute, Saint Mary's University


Working Papers

Wiber, M. and Recchia, M.  Coastal CURA - Communities Managing Coasts Together.

Wiber, M. and Recchia, M.  Calling for Integrated Management of Saint John Harbour.  Paper prepared for the 8th Bay of Fundy Ecological Partnership Science Workshop, May 2009, Acadia University.

Wiber, M. and Recchia, M.  Policy Brief: Calling for Integrated Management of Saint John Harbour

Wiber, M.  Preliminary Analysis of Onshore Harvesting Survey

Bull, A.  Learning Communities and Community-Based Marine Management

Curtis, D., Wiber, M., Recchia, M.  Information Needs for Integrated Management

Fundy Fixed Gear Council.  Ten Years of Community-Based Management

Melanie Wiber, Murray Rudd, and Maria Recchia. 2009. Draft Report: Costs and Earnings Survey, Inshore and Onshore Fishing Sector, SWNB. Draft #2.


Related Reports & Articles

The Coastal CURA is following developments in the planning and management of Saint John Harbour. A proposed oil refinery development in Saint John Harbour is currently on hold, but the environmental impact assessment was completed.  (Read the Federal EIA report prepared by Jacques Whitford). The federal government is currently receiving public response to the EIA Report. Our CURA partner, Fundy North Fishermen's Association, prepared a response (View Eider Rock EIA comments - FNFA).

Subsistence Economies Newsletter July 2008


Posters & Presentations

Poster: Integrated Shellfish Management in the Bay of Fundy. Comparing the Role of ACAPs* in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Poster: St. Mary's/Annapolis Bay Clam Management Study

Poster: How Do We Get From Fragmented Management to Integrated Management in Saint John Harbour

CURA Student Reports

Bob Capistrano: An institutional analysis of community participation on MPAs within tourism sites in the Philippines

Don Logan:Where there’s a will there’s a way: Integrated Community Based Management In Canada’s Maritime Provinces

Louie Porta: Historical Resource Reflection: A Methodological Tool for Resource Partnerships: A Case Study of the Mi’kmaq of Prince Edward Island

Olando Harvey: Community-led Integrated Coastal Zone Management: Case Study from Malpeque Bay, Prince Edward Island

Courtenay Parlee:Alternative Dispute Resolution: Can it Advance the Stated Policies of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Canadian Fisheries and Oceans?

Sarah Bood: Sharing the Waters: Saint John, NB


Film: A Coastal Partnership

Maritime Stories of
Integrated Management

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People in Places
Engaging Together in Integrated
Resource Management

An International Conference in
Halifax, NS, Canada
June 27-29, 2011

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